My specialties:

Corporate events
Newborn Photography
Family Photography
Small Weddings
If you need a versatile photographer in the greater San Francisco Bay Area, I’m your gal.
At events I have a photojournalistic approach and seek out the candid moments. I can handle posed shots and I'm equally talented at capturing the moment while you’re enjoying the atmosphere and fun. 
My portraits aim to capture that intriguing cinematic look that catches attention. I take photography very seriously and treat your portrait as a work of art. My mission is for your photos to be timeless, something that you will cherish over a lifetime.

Background and Education

Natalia Nazarova is the full name of the artist NataliaNa.
Natalia was born in Kostroma, Russia in 1986. Her knack for photography first emerged when she was just 7, when she began staging her sister and dog with her favorite Disney posters. From there, she became known as the family shutterbug, snapping photos of pretty much every plant, rock and tidbit on family trips. Her first camera was a Polaroid.

Photography quickly became a lifelong passion. Today, she has more gear, knowledge and experience - but still the same drive for capturing the visual world.
After graduating with a university degree in economics, Natalia decided to move to the U.S. and worked a string of different jobs before deciding to follow her dream of being an artist. She moved to the San Francisco Bay Area and immersed herself in learning everything she could about photography. She took photography classes from Stanford University, the Rayko Photo Center and a medley of talented online experts and aficionados. She worked an internship for the Embarcadero Media newspaper chain and was later hired as their primary freelancer. 
Through years of experience, Natalia has learned how to work in a variety of different assignments. Her photojournalism has covered cancer survival, house evictions and protest rallies. She strives to capture the human story in each moment. Sometimes that means taking fewer photos, but being ready for just the right moment when the subject opens up.