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An action rally at Courthouse Square in Redwood City, Calif. was inspired by and held in solidarity with Saturday's Women's March on Washington on January 21, 2017, Trump's first full day in office. Across the world, millions of other people marched in solidarity with those in the nation's capital. Photo by Natalia Nazarova.
The Altamirano family from Menlo Park, Calif. hold signs with advice for the new U.S. president at the Community Action Rally on January 21, 2017. Protests developed across the country after Donald Trump was elected president. Photo by Natalia Nazarova
Participants of the 2016 May Day March & Rally protest along El Camino Real in Mountain View on May 1. They want to get attention to the immigration reform and housing policies. Photo By Natalia Nazarova. 
Participants of the 2017 May Day March & Rally protest along Rengstorff Ave. in Mountain View on May 1. They want to get attention for immigration reform. Photo By Natalia Nazarova.
Nikki Mensick and Justin Harper live with their dog in a unique house-on-wheels "The Aquarius" that’s temporarily parked among other RVs and mobile homes along Latham and Crisanto Avenue in Mountain View. Many of the residents say they are living in vehicles out of necessity, because they can’t keep up with the rapidly rising cost of living in the Bay Area. August 23, 2016. Photo by Natalia Nazarova.
Incoming kindergartners at Huff Elementary School gather with their parents Monday morning, waiting for the bell to ring and class to start. Mountain View Whisman's 2016-17 school year kicks off early, on Aug. 15, at campuses across the city. Five-year-olds Timofei Lysenko, Riky Anderson and Maryam Ahmadullin are at their first day of school. Photo by Natalia Nazarova.
Teenagers from Facebook group #‎SupportFerguson walks down Castro Street in Downtown Mountain View on September 7, 2014. The leader of the group said she wanted to go to Ferguson, Mo, but her parents suggested to start changes in her own city first. Photo by Natalia Nazarova.
Kamal Rasheed with his wife GwendoLyn Fitrah Rasheed hold the sign of peace at the Multifaith Peace event sponsored by American Muslim Voice Foundation in Palo Alto on the 15th anniversary of the September 11 terror attacks. Photo by Natalia Nazarova.
Visitors were allowed to peek into the world’s largest wind tunnel. The first open house in 17 years drew 100,000 people to NASA in Silicon Valley, which celebrated its 75th anniversary on October 18, 2014. Photo by Natalia Nazarova.
Isaac DeBolt, 12, sits at a mock-up of the control room at NASA Ames open house on October 18, 2014. NASA's 75th anniversary drew tens of thousands to Mountain View, Calif. Photo by Natalia Nazarova.
Twins Niha and Niki, 8, stand in front of Hangar One at former Naval Air Station Moffett Field on October 18, 2014. The public got a rare peek inside the gates of NASA Ames Research Center and walk inside the skeleton of Hangar One during the 75th anniversary open house event. Photo by Natalia Nazarova.
The Griffith and Mills families of Atherton view the solar eclipse at the Menlo Park Library. A total solar eclipse passed over North America this morning. Photo by Natalia Nazarova
Students from the nonprofit Peninsula Bridge visit the Microsoft campus in Mountain View on July 24, 2014 to learn about high-tech careers. That summer, 425 children from under-served communities including East Palo Alto qualified for the five-week summer program by demonstrating their motivation to learn. In addition to the core academic studies, students went on tours of tech companies in Silicon Valley. Photo by Natalia Nazarova.
Knightscope, robot that predicts and prevents crime, patrols around the Microsoft campus in Mountain View on November 5, 2014. The robots were featured as part of the premier Tech in Motion robotics events. Photo by Natalia Nazarova.
The ribbon-cutting ceremony for the opening of HelloStartups, a company that offers office space and support for nascent tech companies took place Aug. 15 in Menlo Park. Instead of scissors, remotely controlled Beam "telepresence" robots were used to cut the ribbon. BootUp Ventures managing partners Marco Ten Vaanholt and Mukul Agarwal are on the left. Photo by Natalia Nazarova.
Software developers from around the world descended on Y Combinator’s Pioneer Way headquarters in Mountain View, Calif. over the weekend of August 3, 2014 to compete for a chance to get their app funded. The Oculus Rift virtual reality headset inspired a number of apps using a tablet computer for virtual reality games.  Photo by Natalia Nazarova.
Woodside Elementary School teachers Nicki Edelman (left) and Gillian Parkhurst get tech training on August 18, 2016 before the start of school. Grade school students use primarily Apple laptops and Google Chromebooks. Photo by Natalia Nazarova.
Menlo Park elementary-school students play games with Facebook interns for the company’s first intern game day on Wednesday afternoon, July 30, 2014 at the Hoover Park in Redwood City. Photo by Natalia Nazarova.
Children play among the Halloween decorations at Moffett Field’s military housing on October 18, 2014. “Kids have been constantly playing together since we moved here a couple of months ago. It feels like the ‘70s,” said a resident about the friendly community. Photo by Natalia Nazarova.
The Mountain View Art & Wine festival’s mask-seller drew a lot of would-be shoppers to sample the wares. The 43rd annual event took over downtown Mountain View on the weekend of September 7, 2014, drawing crowds with offerings ranging from children’s activities to wine tastings and artisans’ booths. Photo by Natalia Nazarova.
Morgan Buckleg, 14, and Marianna Drogitis, 14, ride ponies from Webb Ranch at the Horse Fair during Woodside’s Day of the Horse on Oct. 8, 2016. The 10th annual event included a fair, trail rides and horse blessings. Photo by Natalia Nazarova.
Five-year-old Lily tried to navigate the giant equivalent of a seafaring hamster ball, while more adult pursuits included salsa dancing to music by Orquesta Boriquen and sampling wine from California vineyards. There was a little something for everyone as the annual Mountain View Art & Wine Festival took over downtown Mountain View on the weekend of September 7, 2016. Photo by Natalia Nazarova.